A Very Early Birthday Gift

So my baby sister was visiting from NYC last week. In true form, she couldn’t wait to give me my birthday gift, even though my birthday isn’t until April. She’s always been like this. Christmas was always funny when we were kids because she’d tell us what she got us waaaaaaaay before. She’s a little better about it now, but she still couldn’t wait. 😀

My sister knows that in addition to video games, I love playing table top games. There’s something about playing a board game, card game, or role playing game with people in the same room. So to make that experience even funner (yes, I know that’s not a word, but I don’t care), she bought me these:


They’re scents from Adventure Scents! She got me three different scents to go along with different game environments.

Steam Train, which is perfect for Trains or Ticket to Ride.

Dragon’s Cave, which is perfect for any fantasy role playing game or Dungeon Quest.

And Dank Dungeon, also perfect for Dungeon Quest and other fantasy games involving dungeons.

After looking at the list of scents, I seriously want to buy the rest of them. I wish the internet had Smell-O-Vision or something. They’re really interesting! Dank Dungeon gets the musty aroma spot on, Dragon’s Cave has some cinder going on, and Steam Train definitely smells like a steam engine in a way. But on top of reminding you of these locales, they’re also pleasant. (I’m told that Moldy Crypt smells gross, but I won’t know until I buy it.)

My sisters are great. They always find me the coolest shit. I still use the NERD bag my other sister bought me to hold my dice.

In other news, my husband woke up at 4 AM Hawaii time and pre-ordered our Playstation VR. That’s how I know he loves me. He gets up at retarded hours of the morning for stuff like this. 😉

Nintendo is launching their Miitomo app in the West on Thursday. We’ll see if Nintendo is on their way to actually having non-shitty DRM, but I’m not holding my breath. It irritates me to no end that it’s so complicated for me to buy a game from Nintendo and keep it. If I upgrade systems or anything like that, I have to jump through stupid amounts of hoops to keep access to that content. I hate it. SO. MUCH.

Tonight on Twitch:

Last night was reset in Final Fantasy XIV, so tonight I’ll be doing roulettes and all that good stuff so I don’t get any further behind. I’m already so behind…/sigh. After I do that, I’m going to start a play through of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix. I need cheering up and Disney ALWAYS makes me feel better. Hope to see you tonight!

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