I finally reached the Sworn reputation rank with the Vath in Final Fantasy XIV. I call them the Cockroach People because they remind me of the giant roaches we have in Hawaii. (They also make insect-like clicking noises when they talk.) The mount pictured above is a flying mount called the Kongamato. I think it’s trippy looking. Sorry for the bad screenshot. I swear it’s night time in game more than day time. (Probably not, but it FEELS like it…) I’ll try to take a better pic later. It really is a cool looking mount!

I also got my red scrip main hand tool for my Goldsmith. This is probably the equivalent to an epic weapon for adventuring. So I now have that tool for 3 of the 8 crafting classes: Armorer, Blacksmith, and Goldsmith. These are the 3 crafting classes that I’ve specialized in, so I figured it was a good idea to focus on THEIR gear before working on the others. I AM an omnicrafter, though, so I’ll have to gear them all up eventually. It takes 3 real life weeks to save up enough scrips for the tool. It takes an additional 3 weeks to save up for the off-hand, which I’ll be working on next. SO. MUCH. WORK. (So worth it, though!) So basically, we’re talking a FULL REAL LIFE YEAR to get the best main hand and off hand for all the crafting classes. And I haven’t even mentioned anything about the other gear. That stuff is all crafted, but it’s REALLY hard to make. That’s why I need the red scrip tools! And let’s not get me started on all the materia melding that’s needed to add stats so that I’m using BiS (Best in Slot) and have enough CP, etc… XD

Today’s News:

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness has a release date of June 28th. Naturally, I pre-ordered the collector’s edition.

There is a Nioh Alpha Demo from 4/26 to 5/5. I’m a fan of the Ninja Gaiden games, so this looks pretty awesome. 🙂

Tonight on Twitch:

FFXIV has server maintenance tonight from 8 PM Hawaii time. Thankfully, I’ve already capped my tomestones, so I can leisurely work on gathering red scrips or beastman dailies for relic items. I made a friend yesterday who offered to get us Coil clears tonight, so maybe that will be a thing. Once the server goes down, I’ll be playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. I didn’t get to play that at all this weekend because I’m almost done with The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. I’m so close to crossing another game off my backlog list! Anyway, come by and say hi!

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