3 Primal Ponies So Far

I’m having a rough day. Like the kind where I just want to crawl under my bed and sleep. So here’s a picture of the second little gift my awesome husband found for me:


I absolutely adore the fact that he’s holding a gem. He’s about the size of my open hand and he’s got a chain on him that I could attach to my purse or something. So cute!

And as promised, a picture of me on my Shiva pony:


And since I was taking pics of that, I decided to take a pic of Ifrit’s and Garuda’s ponies, as well:


I spent all of last night in FFXIV trying to do Crystal Tower before reset. It didn’t quite happen, but at least I’m done with it until NEXT week Monday night. I also got a schedule for the new static that my husband and I joined. I’m really looking forward to this! I’m main tank! Pressure! XD My co-tank is a DRK and he’s super cool.

I don’t remember reading much interesting game news today because I’ve been really distracted by real life stuff. However, I DID come across this awesome video:

I also read a couple of interesting studies involving neuroscience. One was about imaging the brain while on LSD. The other was about how meditation changes the brain due to neuroplasticity.

Tonight on Twitch:

I’ll be getting a late start because I have to go to my side job for a couple of hours after work. The plan for tonight is to do Expert and Level 60 roulette in Final Fantasy XIV. And if I have time, I may switch to Kingdom Hearts. I could use some happy. 😀 Come by and say hi!

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