Happy Birthday to Me! LOL XD

I have to admit that I’m always somewhat disappointed that when I was young, reckless, and rebellious, I had NO IDEA that my birthday fell on Pot Day. 😛 Now that I don’t do that stuff anymore (although I probably would if I lived in a legal state), I feel like I just didn’t ever celebrate my birthday properly! Hahahaha!

Now I have video games and this past week or so has been a good week for those! On Friday, I picked up my Bravely Second: End Layer Collector’s Edition:


And then on Monday, my Dark Souls III Collector’s Edition finally arrived in the mail from Amazon. (Side note: Why does it take almost 5 days for Amazon to SHIP something when you preorder it MONTHS in advance?)


In other news, I finally glamoured my Crafting and Gathering classes. I spent hours looking at pictures to try and get ideas, but I just couldn’t come up with anything I liked. So I just did this:


I also took another (hopefully better) picture of my Kongamato mount. Somehow I miss daylight hours in this game, so that’s why so many of my pictures are dark. I really need to pay better attention to the Eorzea clock!


Not much else is going on today. I’m at work until 5. And then I have dinner reservations with my husband at 7. Then drinks afterward with one of my good friends. I took tomorrow off so that I can sleep in and enjoy tonight. 😀

No stream tonight, but I’ll be back tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me! LOL XD

  1. Funny… I could’ve sworn you said you were allergic to that which is also celebrated on your b’day. Hope it was a fantastic one for you.

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