3 HOURS!!!

I’ve been quiet lately. Life is a bit hectic these days, so I haven’t had the time to post anything. Today was a busy day. I tried to sleep in, but there were people knocking on everyone’s door, trying to spread the good word or something. Don’t bang on my door before noon on a Saturday. Seriously. Fuck off. Unless you’re giving me a million dollars or some shit, do NOT wake me up on a weekend. I could hear them asking our neighbors about their problems and offering to help them through prayer or whatever. So when they knocked on our door, we just ignored it. But still, all the voices outside and the knocking woke me up. That really pissed me off.

After eating breakfast, I paid some bills and then played some Final Fantasy XIV. I got my Dark Knight to 45 and then discovered that the Heavensward jobs don’t get a gear set like the other jobs do. Oh well. I’ll just FATE farm in Northern Thanalan until I hit 50. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a ton of level 50 tank gear.

I got my nails done this afternoon. As always, my nail artist did amazing things. They somehow make me think of candy.


I sent my husband grocery shopping while I got my nails done so that we could go straight to wine tasting once I was done. I made chickpea and broccoli curry for dinner and then we played more Final Fantasy XIV.


Once I got my roulettes and everything done, I decided to make another attempt at passing the tutorial in Dark Souls III. That stupid boss kept killing me! Over and over and over! I got to the point where I refused to give up JUST because I had been at it for so long. I was just being ridiculously stubborn. It ultimately paid off, but it took me THREE FREAKING HOURS to finally defeat that one boss! And if you’re a Dark Souls aficionado, you’d know that it wasn’t even a REAL boss! It was just a fight designed to teach you mechanics and strategies. I was SO frustrated. And I was streaming on Twitch the entire time, too. That must have been so painful to watch… At least I finally got past it.


I’m a Herald, by the way. Perhaps I would have had an easier time if I rolled a different class like Knight or something, but this class seemed interesting. I’ll probably regret my decision later. I’m already regretting it! LOL XD


2 thoughts on “3 HOURS!!!

    • Thanks! I really love this design she came up with. I don’t usually go quite this colorful, but I wanted something that would stand out. 🙂

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