Still Figuring Things Out

I apologize for the radio silence lately. I’m still trying to come up with a good plan for coordinating my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, and Twitch. When I decided to start streaming video games on Twitch, I honestly didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I do! So I’m motivated to actually create a community for my channel, even if it’s really small and to do that, I need to be more coordinated and organized.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV:


I got the Calofisteri minion from the last boss of The Weeping City of Mhach. She’s so adorable and she juggles her little green balls periodically. I love minions in this game. I’m still having trouble with that last boss, though. I need to see if I can find better explanations of her attacks. All the other bosses in this raid are easy provided that everyone knows and follows mechanics.


My husband made the Mhachi Coffin for the house. You can sleep in it and close the lid. It’s currently in the center of the grand stairwell surrounded by vases with black roses. The music we have playing in the house is from The Tam-Tara Deepcroft. We’re trying to make a haunted house, I think.


Speaking of our house, we finally finished the exterior. It’s the Large Arms Supplier’s Wall and we dyed it purple. It took a LOT of materials to build, although it wasn’t particularly difficult. Just time consuming. Harvesting hundreds and hundreds of pieces of ore and wood gets tiresome!


I forgot to take a picture of our whole yard. Mirra did an awesome job making it beautiful. Here’s a shot of me napping in the rain on the Oriental Bench, which we jokingly call the Oriental Bus Stop. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the whole yard tonight and share it in a future post. I really like how serene and inviting the outside of our house looks. Then when you go inside, it’s haunted! Hah!


I’m making friends! The first image shows Mirra and I waiting with our new friend, Alte, for Snape after he disconnected during a thunderstorm. The second is of me sitting with Mor while Snape looks on… Wonder if he’s jealous? Haha! Mor is so cute! ^_^ You can kinda see how our yard is set up from this picture, but I still plan on taking a shot of the whole thing.


The Yo-Kai Watch collaboration started this week! It is REALLY grindy and annoying, but I want them ALL. All the minions. All the weapons. Thankfully, the event is going on until October 3rd. If I had to cram all this FATE farming into two weeks, I think I’d lose my fucking marbles. Some people are already done with it, of course.




So far I’ve only gotten one of the weapons. There’s a weapon for each job. So bright and colorful! I love it!

Tonight on Twitch I’m hoping to do more Palace of the Dead and FATE grinding for Yo-Kai weapons. Come by and say hello!

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