Week Ending 1/7/17 – FAIL!

Okay, so I haven’t been successful at any of my goals yet. I feel like I’m still working out the residual crap from the previous year, so I haven’t made nearly as much progress in FFXIV as I’d have liked and I haven’t even TOUCHED any of my non-MMO games. >_<

It’s not all bad, though! I just have one more final exam to go and I’ll be caught up on last term. Just in time for next term, which starts tomorrow… XD Again, I’ll be taking one MBA class (Managerial Finance this time) and (hopefully) two independent study classes (to catch up since I don’t actually have an accounting degree). There is a chance that I’ll have to do one of the undergraduate accounting classes on campus during the day, which kind of sucks, but meh, whatever.

I’m totally going to make excuses now. Half of my office has been sick the last couple of weeks and I think I was fighting off their germs. For two or three days I felt mildly feverish and really worn down. So I spent most of the weekend in bed, either sleeping or reading a book. I realized that not having a gaming system in the bedroom is torture, so we moved one of the PS4’s into the bedroom. My husband really indulges me! ❤

So hopefully, now that I can game in bed, I’ll have an easier time playing for 1 hour a day.

I’m hoping to start streaming again next week, just in time for FFXIV’s patch 3.5 part 1. Come join me!



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