Sometimes being over 40 and playing video games can be problematic. At almost 43, I am apparently an old fart. I’m old fashioned, you see. When I enter a room to work with other people, I acknowledge them and, at the very least, say, “Hello!” So when I enter a dungeon with 3 to 7 random strangers, I greet them and expect them to greet me in return. However, this basic common courtesy is the exception and not the norm, and quite frankly, it REALLY pisses me off.

I don’t give a shit if you don’t speak a single word for the rest of the dungeon. At least say, “hi,” for fuck’s sake. And don’t give me the bullshit excuse about not having a keyboard. The word, “hi,” is two letters. You can use your controller for that or you can even make a macro that says hi in the chat channel.

Online video games, particularly cooperative ones, rely on people working together. Common courtesy and communication are vital for a team to be successful in any endeavor, whether in game or in real life.

So if you can’t even say hello at the start of a dungeon, you’re both lazy and disrespectful. You disrespect me and I’ll disrespect you right back. I know you’re in a rush and you want to get the damned thing over with as soon as humanly possible. I do, too! But you know what? I’m going to take my time. It’s a game, after all. Why should I hurry? You can run ahead, if you like, but I’m not going to save your ass. Why should I? You didn’t even acknowledge me when I walked in the room. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not even sure if you know I’m here. You can kick me out of the dungeon, too, if you want. No problem. I’m a tank. I don’t have to wait for queues. Ever. I’ll just get another group.



I’d hate to see what kind of person you are outside of the game. Do you even have a job? Or friends? If you’re like that in real life, I can guarantee that no one is going to want to be around you. People will rightly label you an asshole.

Respect is earned.



A Quick Update


I’m really having a rough time finding a balance between work, school, and my free time. Honestly, I think the problem is that I don’t really have any free time right now. However, my video games and my Twitch channel are really important to me, so I’m determined to MAKE time for them. I am going to have to start small, so for now, I’m going to commit to streaming once a week. I’ve updated my schedule page to reflect this. I’ve put “Maybe?” on Sundays because I’d really like to do more, but I can’t promise anything right now.

Between work, school, and the state of this country, I always feel so exhausted. It should come as no surprise that since I’m a non-white feminist, I am absolutely disgusted with the goings-on in the White House right now. So I need my virtual worlds where my actions affect the outcomes because I sure as hell feel pretty damned helpless right now.

Tonight I’ll be playing FFXIV. The Mhachi raids are on the agenda and anything else I can fit in before I have to go to sleep. I finally got MNK to 60, so now I’m working on SMN/SCH. My goal is to have everything at 60 by the time the Stormblood expansion releases. I’m at 16/23, so we’ll see how that goes…


It was so fun to be back! And I’m so happy some of you came by and visited even though I’ve been away for a REALLY long time.

Thank you! You don’t know how much I appreciated that! You guys are awesome! ❤

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Week Ending 1/7/17 – FAIL!

Okay, so I haven’t been successful at any of my goals yet. I feel like I’m still working out the residual crap from the previous year, so I haven’t made nearly as much progress in FFXIV as I’d have liked and I haven’t even TOUCHED any of my non-MMO games. >_<

It’s not all bad, though! I just have one more final exam to go and I’ll be caught up on last term. Just in time for next term, which starts tomorrow… XD Again, I’ll be taking one MBA class (Managerial Finance this time) and (hopefully) two independent study classes (to catch up since I don’t actually have an accounting degree). There is a chance that I’ll have to do one of the undergraduate accounting classes on campus during the day, which kind of sucks, but meh, whatever.

I’m totally going to make excuses now. Half of my office has been sick the last couple of weeks and I think I was fighting off their germs. For two or three days I felt mildly feverish and really worn down. So I spent most of the weekend in bed, either sleeping or reading a book. I realized that not having a gaming system in the bedroom is torture, so we moved one of the PS4’s into the bedroom. My husband really indulges me! ❤

So hopefully, now that I can game in bed, I’ll have an easier time playing for 1 hour a day.

I’m hoping to start streaming again next week, just in time for FFXIV’s patch 3.5 part 1. Come join me!


2016 Was a Hell of a Year!

2016 was definitely a year of change. Major change. When I look at the world as a whole, much of that change has been negative. When I look at my own personal experiences, most of that change has been positive. Regardless of its impact, though, change is very difficult and extremely stressful. Oh, and did I mention exhausting?

The first half of the year or so was pretty steady for me. I was streaming on Twitch regularly and making steady, albeit small progress on my video game backlog. My son graduated from college and then around the end of summer, my universe got turned upside down. Most of it was good, honestly! But all at once? Oh man…

So earlier this year, I had decided to pursue my Master’s degree. I decided to apply to an MBA program since I’ve had over fifteen years of real life experience working in accounting and management. The school I chose had an Accounting MBA, so I’d be able to prepare for either the CPA or CMA exams with this program. I was accepted around the beginning of summer and while I knew that this would affect my streaming schedule, I would only be taking 2 classes per term, so I’d still be able to Twitch, just not quite as often.

But then around late August or early September, two things happened. First, my boss found a new job and we suddenly needed to find a new Controller asap. After discussing it with my boss and the president of the company, I was promoted from the Accounts Receivable and Payroll Clerk to the Controller of the whole company! I had a crash course in my new position over the course of about two weeks. Second, right around that same time, my husband’s older brother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. And then a few weeks later, school started. I had one evening class and two independent study accounting courses. (The two accounting courses are required as a catch-up since I don’t have an undergraduate degree in accounting.)

So I was regularly working 12 hour days and coming in on the weekends to figure out my job, trying to support my husband after the loss of his second brother, and cramming school work in whenever I could. I didn’t pick up a game controller for months! I was completely exhausted and even when I had a few moments to myself, all I wanted to do was be a complete and total vegetable. I didn’t want to hang out with anyone. Even gaming felt like too much work!

In October, my husband and I went to the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas. I would love to tell you that it was awesome, but it wasn’t. By this point, I hadn’t logged into the game in about a month, so I felt disconnected from it. I know that if I wasn’t completely drained, standing in endless lines and dealing with the fact that it was rather disorganized probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much. I was really happy to be present for the announcements of new game features, of course. And the two concerts were amazing! But overall, the best part of that trip was the fact that I wasn’t at school or work. I spent one full day just lying in bed in the hotel doing absofucking nothing and it was amazing. XD


If you look carefully, you can see that Koji Fox photo-bombed our Cactuar Server group photo! ❤ He’s wearing the black hat, holding the purple bahamut plushie kind of in the middle!


Someone in the Cactuar Server Facebook group designed a t-shirt for Fanfest, so we had shirts printed with our character and Free Company name.


LOL My husband wearing a Horde World of Warcraft shirt while carrying his bag of FFXIV swag. XD


Signing the Cactuar wall 🙂


Here we are! Hatsumi Mitsuha and Severus Snape!

Other cool things we did in Las Vegas included eating and drinking a LOT of fabulous food and checking out the Bodies exhibit.


All wines should come in a half bottle.


This club sandwich was HUGE!



What better part of the Bodies exhibit than the digestive system? I love to eat and thank goodness for these organs! XD

By around election day, my life was starting to calm down somewhat. I was no longer going into the office every weekend and instead of leaving at 8 or 9 at night, I was leaving between 5 and 6. However, I had fallen VERY behind in my two accounting classes. I had managed to keep up with the evening class since it only met once a week, thank goodness, but I suddenly found myself with almost an entire semester’s worth of work that I needed to complete for two classes in less than a month! When I explained my perfect storm of circumstances, my professor was very understanding. He gave me extensions on all the homework and we scheduled the exams throughout December and the first week of January. (As of right now, all I need to complete are the two final exams. Whew!)


Here’s a little stack I created while cleaning house of games that I haven’t even OPENED yet!


Haven’t opened this up yet, either…


I started this, but haven’t played more than the first little tutorial mission thing. It’s so kawaii! I love it!


I’m playing Moon. My husband is playing Sun.


Fancy shmancy Collector’s Edition of FFXV on XBOX One, which I didn’t really open. The PS4 one was already sold out and I wanted to play it on PS4, so I just bought a Day One version of whatever of the PS4 version. Square Enix loves consumers like me. 😛

Unfortunately, I still didn’t really have any time to play my video games. It didn’t keep me from buying them, though! But now my backlog is even WORSE! I’m also trying to catch up in Final Fantasy XIV, but my intense fear of the Duty Finder is making this quite difficult. I’m looking forward to patch 3.5 because we’ll be able to create cross-server parties. So maybe I can get my friends on other servers to help me. Although honestly, I really just need to develop thicker skin and stop freaking out whenever I have to play with strangers… So if anyone wants to help me, I still need to clear Sophia Normal and the current Alexander Normal stuff. 😀


Eorzea is home to some of the biggest cocks…

In other FFXIV news, my son started playing again! He’s level 37 on his highest job right now, so I’m working on helping him level and gear up. It’s a bit slow going since he’s in New York and I’m in Hawaii, so we don’t get to play together as much as I’d like and he doesn’t seem to like playing by himself. I keep bugging him, though, to get his questing done so that we can do group content whenever we’re online together.

I did start playing a few games during the last few months, although I haven’t made much progress yet. Pokemon Moon and Final Fantasy XV have gotten the most of my attention. I’m hoping that I’ll finally finish a Pokemon game for once. I’ve bought every Pokemon game since Diamond & Pearl, but I’ve yet to actually FINISH one. I can’t resist this new one, though, because of all the Hawaii references. I’m almost done with the 2nd island challenge. In Final Fantasy XV, I’m on Chapter 3. I am REALLY enjoying FFXV, although the battle system, even with Wait Mode, is somewhat challenging to me. The targeting system is giving me trouble. Sometimes I’m COMPLETELY CERTAIN that I’ve locked on to a specific enemy, but nope! I go warping in some completely different direction!


PSVR! (Sorry, my house is a mess!)

The other cool gaming thing I tried recently is the Playstation VR. Sadly, it makes me motion sick if I play games with a lot of movement or if I play for longer than about 15-20 minutes at a time. The demo I enjoyed the most was the Thumper VR demo, but since I can’t even get through the demo song without feeling like I’m going to die, I didn’t buy it. I DID buy Harmonix Music VR and Perfect. Neither of those is a game, per se, but they are enjoyable virtual reality experiences that I can have without losing my lunch. I particularly enjoy Perfect because it’s beautiful and relaxing. It’s exactly what I wanted from a virtual reality experience. I love being able to sit near a crackling fire and throw snowballs.

So what can you expect from me during 2017? Starting sometime in the second half of January, I am planning on returning to Twitch. I haven’t nailed down a schedule yet, but it will probably be only two or three times a week. I’m also hoping to participate in a video game music podcast with a friend of mine starting this year. When that takes off, I’ll be sure to link it! My goal for 2017 is to play a non-FFXIV game for at least one hour per day. This doesn’t sound like much, but I figure it will help me slowly work through some of my backlog. I’m also hoping to post here once a week, listing what games I’ve bought or played. You know, to try and hold myself accountable. We’ll see how I do. I’m not optimistic. I’m terrible at this kind of thing! LOL

In any case, I apologize for the length of this post. I hope everyone has a great 2017! Happy New Year!

Gaming Goals – August 2016

There aren’t enough hours in the day! Ever since I created my Twitch channel, I’ve had to actually SCHEDULE my gaming, which has really helped me accomplish things. However, exciting new titles keep releasing and I keep failing to resist buying them! So I’m using a to do list app to help me accomplish my goals. (I’m also using it to build some better habits like exercising every day because I’m a total slob.)

I just started using it yesterday, so I’ve only added a couple of items. The fastest way to fail at something is to try and accomplish too many things at once. If you’ve ever watched me play video games, you know that I can get overwhelmed VERY easily, which causes me to lose track of what I’m doing. Then I feel stressed out and I give up.

One of the things I’ve found that helps me tackle a large stack of work when I’m at the office is breaking down my tasks into manageable chunks and listing them out. So I thought I should make a monthly list of gaming things I want to accomplish:

  • finish Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • complete the Slayer challenge in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Season 7
  • obtain the 4 pieces of i700 gear avaiable from the World of Warcraft Legion invasion event
  • obtain 4 Yokai Watch weapons in Final Fantasy XIV
  • make progress on i240 Anima Weapon upgrade in Final Fantasy XIV
  • start playing a new game

The last two items aren’t very measurable, so I need to figure out more specific goals. I also have to figure out what new game to play… Star Ocean V, I Am Setsuna, No Man’s Sky, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE… I can’t decide!



Since Season 7 started in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls last week Friday, I decided that I wanted to check it out. I have never really participated in a season before and it seemed like a fun way to revisit Diablo III’s content without just doing more story mode. I get bored in Diablo III very easily unless I’m playing with friends, so I’m playing with Snape and Mirra, of course. We do everything together, after all! Since we have room for a 4th player, we’ve had the opportunity to play with a few of my friends on Twitch as well as with my son.

Due to timezone differences and his busy schedule as a college student, it has been extremely difficult to coordinate a time and place to game together. The last time we played games together was in 2013 when Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn released! That was three years ago! Our relationship has always involved playing video games together, whether it was some kind of actual multiplayer game or me watching (and putting in my two cents) while he played a single player title.

I’ve really missed gaming with him. Parenting is tough, but I’ve found that the thing that is hardest for me is letting him go. He graduated from college earlier this year and is working toward truly becoming independent. Words can’t express how proud I am of him, but at the same time there’s a part of me that wants him to stay with me forever…

I consider myself to be EXTREMELY lucky that he and I share a love of video games. This makes it a cinch to stay connected even though he’s on his own some 5000 miles away from me. A lot of parents don’t have this kind of connection with their kids, so when they leave the nest, the parents feel even more lonely. Empty nest syndrome is definitely a thing. Luckily for me, I used his leaving as a chance to play more games so I didn’t have that lack-of-purpose feeling that so many parents experience. Still, I missed sharing these games with him. Over the last four years, video game discussions dominated the weekly phone calls but we almost never played together.

So when Season 7 started, I told him that we were making characters and that he should join us. He had never done a Diablo III season, either, although he used to be way more hardcore than me in Diablo III. So earlier this week, we powerleveled him to 70. Then he played on his own a bit and got some awesome gear and some Paragon levels. So last night he helped powerlevel us through Chapters 3 and 4 of the season challenge. So now we’re all working on the Slayer challenge.

While he was blitzing through Bounties as we ran Rifts to get Greater Rift Keys, he came across a treasure goblin. When he killed it, it left behind a portal to a place called the Vault. (“Sickness must be purged!” Oh wait, wrong Vault…lol) He said that we had to stop whatever we were doing to come down to where he was at, so we teleported to him, entered the portal, and found the treasure goblin’s lair! There was gold EVERYWHERE!


You could see random goblins walking along pathways as they went about their business. There were also goblins to kill as we walked along the upper walkway.


After picking up literally MILLIONS of gold (maybe around 8-9M), we came to a very shiny golden door. We opened it and faced off against a boss. We were playing on a low difficulty (Torment II) level in order to spam rifts, so it died really fast and I missed getting a screenshot.


It left behind a giant golden treasure chest sitting in a pool of blood. It spouted out some legendary items, set pieces, gems, and a lot more gold.


You can see the dead boss body inside the chest after you open it. If you click on the chest, it makes a loud chomping noise accompanied with an animation that looks like the chest is eating the boss. Kind of like a mimic. It’s pretty funny. We stood there for awhile just playing with that.


My goal for tonight is to work on the World of Warcraft Legion invasion events. There are four pieces of i700 gear. Once I get these pieces, my gear will be sufficiently high for Legion when it releases on August 30th. It’s not like I do hardcore raid content in WoW or anything. I generally don’t even do 5-man dungeons. Just the solo content. And whatever quest rewards you get from those always replace the previous expansion’s epics immediately anyway. So come by my Twitch channel after 7 PM Hawaii time and say hi!

Also, don’t forget to Like my page on Facebook to keep up with any game news that I think is exciting!

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