Some JRPG News

Persona 5 has a release date! In Japan, anyway… /sigh I want this game SO BAD. Look at this trailer! Look! OMG.

I love all the weird, creepy shit and the cel shaded graphics. And the music! Persona always has the best music!

Here’s more footage of gameplay. I love the demons. ❤


In other news, people are playing the Japanese version of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. While Famitsu gave it a decent score (34/40), people are rating it as kind of meh. Here’s the thing, though. I’ve never played a JRPG based on what other people said. A lot of comments I’ve read indicate that the game is more like 3 than 4. I’m not really sure why that’s a BAD thing. I hated 4. So that’s how I know that I need to make these decisions for myself. I am still looking forward to this game, regardless of the opinion of others.

I finally played the Platinum Demo for Final Fantasy XV. I know, I know… Took me long enough, right? I spent just under an hour on it. I am just as hyped for that game as ever. I know some people complained that the demo was basically a tech demo, but that’s really what I liked about it. It gave me a feel for what the game is going to feel like when it actually comes out.

I spent a few more hours in Dark Souls III, but haven’t gotten to the next boss yet. I keep getting impatient and then careless. Of course, this makes me die. But I’m getting more practice at dodging and all that good stuff, so it’s worth it. I really do find this game to be pretty. Just look at that mighty dragon…


I’m also making good progress in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. I just googled how to take screenshots on the PS3, so I’ll try to remember to start doing that… (Of course, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to screenshot. It’s some kind of coding thing, apparently, that developers can choose to turn on/off.)


Tonight on Twitch, I’m hoping to play some Final Fantasy XIV and then possibly more Kingdom Hearts if I have time. The problem is that I’m trying to get my Anima weapon completed, so I need to do beastman daily quests, daily hunts, and dungeons for tomestones. This is extremely time consuming. But if I’m going to be viable to my raid group when I get back from vacation, I need a better weapon. Period. I’m going to be away from the game for almost  two weeks, so I’m going to fall even further behind than I already am. On the up side… Once I get back from my vacation, I probably won’t be able to afford to go anywhere for awhile, so my streaming schedule won’t get interrupted! XD

Come by and say hi!

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Playstation VR Bundle


Sony has announced a Playstation VR bundle that will be available for preorder on March 22, 2016. It includes the PSVR, two Move Controllers, the Playstation Camera, and a copy of Playstation VR Worlds. From what I’ve seen on various gaming news websites, only the bundle will be available for preorder. You can’t preorder the standalone device. At least, not yet. I’m guessing they’ll make that available later. If I didn’t already own a camera, I’d definitely preorder. I’m wondering if I should trade in my current camera for $15 of credit and preorder anyway. I don’t own any Move Controllers. Hmm. I’m going to have to think about this… And what if my local Gamestop sells out of preorders before I can get to the store? Gah.

In other VR news, here’s some nifty footage of the Sword Art Online tech demo thing that IBM is doing in Japan this weekend. Pretty neat. 🙂 I would love to experience this.


We tried clearing A8 Normal again last night. Still didn’t succeed, but our attempts are getting smoother. Our problem now is the dps check during the last phase of the fight. We’ll get it. I believe!


I played a bunch more Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis and unlocked a whole slew of riders. My favorite to play right now is Gaim. His forms are fruits. His pineapple form is the most fun to play with a big pineapple on the end of a chain that he swings around and hits enemies with. Yeah, it’s completely ridiculous.

Speaking of Kamen Rider, this new Kamen Rider Amazons series coming to Amazon Prime Japan looks pretty sweet. Definitely more violent than the fun ones that are popular today. The original Kamen Rider Amazon is from 1974. He’s like a piranha and he bites his enemies or something. Creepy. This looks pretty creepy, too. 🙂


I’ve also been plodding away at The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on my PS Vita. I just started chapter 3. I can definitely see why it’s considered to be one of the best JRPG’s in the last decade. The more I play, the more I want to play. Unfortunately, I only play handheld games when I’m lying in bed before going to sleep or on my lunch break if I have time after writing my daily blog post. While the main character, Estelle, irritates the shit out of me, I’ve read more than once that part of the charm of this game is that she grows up somewhat during the course of the game. That is absolutely true. She still irritates me, but I’ve stopped wanting to hurl my Vita across the room because of her stupidity.

I have to remember that she’s only 16. I tend to put myself somewhat in the characters I play when I’m playing games, regardless of the type of game and 16 was a long time ago for me! But if I think back, I was definitely WAY worse than she is at that age. At least she has a goal and a purpose. When I was 16, I dropped out of my elite private school because I felt that the school was limiting and protecting me without teaching me about the outside world. I was angry, rebellious, and convinced that I didn’t need an education. I’m smarter than most people anyway! I can get a job and be awesome without that fucking school! Yeah, you can imagine how that went… XD

However, in my defense, I did what I felt passionately about, much like Estelle in this game. How many people can say that? Sure, that choice may have made certain things difficult, but I am who I am today because of the choices I made and I think I’m a pretty okay lady. And boy do I have some stories! We all grow and learn at different rates. I grew up eventually. Estelle will, too, I’m quite certain.


I can’t help but love this. I’m reminded that I’m COMPLETELY behind on Japanese pop and rock music. I haven’t watched Music Station or CDTV in MONTHS. I have no idea what’s popular in Japan right now and that’s BAD. Need more hours in the day…


I still play World of Warcraft once in awhile. Basically, whenever a new expansion comes out, I buy it and tackle the solo content and hit whatever the new level cap is. I currently have a level 100 Undead Warlock. I’ll be playing her again when Legion releases later this year. I love the lore. For the Horde!

Tonight on Twitch:

I’ll be working on Final Fantasy XIV and trying to unlock more riders in Kamen Rider. I should be starting around 8:00 PM Hawaii time. Hope to see you there!

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Derpy Leveling

You ever have one of those days when you just keep making dumb mistakes? That seems to be the kind of day we were having last night while I was trying to make the last push to level 60 on Dragoon. I had to appreciate the fact that our tank didn’t just bail on us, quite frankly. We wiped on the last boss of The Great Gubal Library something like FIVE TIMES! I’m going to blame the fact that my husband and I have VERY LITTLE experience in that dungeon. Honestly, we’ve probably only done that dungeon 3 or 4 times ever. I guess we just need to practice… XD

Today is my younger sister’s 40th birthday. I have to admit, this makes me feel a little old. My baby sister is still in her 30’s, though, so I’m safe for a few more years! Haha! Speaking of old… My friend was telling my son about a possible job opportunity in Japan and when he learned that he was graduating from college THIS May, he replied, “Shit, no wonder I get more white hair.” I had to laugh at that.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

Polygon has a really interesting piece about the development of the Playstation VR. I’m really excited about VR, although I’m concerned about motion sickness. If you’ve seen me play certain games, you know that I often have to move my body around a LOT to compensate for certain types of camera movements. It’s nice to have confirmation that Sony is definitely trying to get VR to the general public instead of the hardcore PC gamers. I think this will serve as a gateway or stepping stone for the average person to look into hardware like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The super high tech VR is going to be awesome, but not very accessible. By making it easier to get started, the industry will definitely grow. I’m excited!

Amazon Japan is shipping games outside of Japan now. My initial reaction to this was, “OH SHIT.” Bye-bye, money… Realistically, though, this probably won’t affect my import spending THAT much. Unlike 10 years ago, if you’re patient, most Japanese games get a Western release. However, games like Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis or anything Ultraman never come out here, so this will be very useful for stuff like that!

Researchers are trying to teach robots how to learn. When I was still interested in studying computer science, this is the kind of stuff I was really fascinated with: artificial intelligence, neural networks, robotics, etc. I sometimes wish I had stuck to studying STEM, but oh well, I enjoy accounting, too! Maybe one day I’ll go back to school and study STEM. It’s never too late!


Tonight on Twitch:

Barring any weird technical difficulties from streaming a Japanese PS4 game (I’ve never streamed a non-NA game), my plan is to stream the new Kamen Rider game: 仮面ライダーバトライド・ウォー創生 (Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis). It’s a Dynasty Warriors style game with ALL the different Kamen Riders from the last 45 years. I just love the action and the theme songs from the Kamen Rider series. (So of course, we bought the Memorial Sound Version that gives us all the songs.) I also really like the idea that in many cases, anyone can become a Rider. You just need the special item. You don’t necessarily need to have innate super powers. I like any superhero story that encourages an average human to do great things. We could all use more of that!

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I’m warning you now. This is going to be a rant-y post.

Yesterday marked the release of a highly anticipated content patch in Final Fantasy XIV Online. Patch 3.2 adds more story quests, more side quests, 2 new dungeons, a new 8 man raid and its savage (hardcore) version, a new trial and its extreme version, a shit ton of new gear and crafting recipes, the mentor system, a new pvp arena, a newbie training hall, various quality of life improvements, and more. Seriously, this patch is HUGE.

So far I’ve been able to enjoy this new content for exactly ONE HOUR last night before the server went down for emergency maintenance. And the server is going to be down AGAIN tonight for 5 hours during MY prime time. Servers will be back online JUST IN TIME for Japan’s prime time. This is one of the things I HATE about living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We always get screwed on maintenance days. This used to happen ALL THE TIME when I played World of Warcraft.

To be honest, I expected server problems. When a patch is THIS big, it’s bound to have major problems. It happens every time. I’m still really salty, though. Other members in my Free Company have had the opportunity to try out all kinds of new shit. I barely got started on the main story quests because it took me a minute just to get my bearings and figure out what the hell I should be doing first.

Tonight I should have enough time to play for about an hour and a half if I get my ass home from work as quickly as possible. Then I’ll eat dinner and stream Bloodborne on my Twitch channel.

Today’s News:

Facebook added new reactions in addition to the “Like” button. I’m actually pretty okay with that. Sometimes I want to like something multiple times just because I love it so much. Or sometimes things make me sad or angry. Being able to express that is nice. But here’s the thing that’s pissing me off. People keep making comments about the fact that they’re missing certain reactions that would be really useful. The Oatmeal has a great Facebook post about it. (Sorry, I can’t figure out how to link to a specific picture post.) Don’t get me wrong. I laughed. I know it’s a joke. And part of me agrees, but too many offhand comments saying the same thing indicates to me that people kind of want these other faces.

What makes you think that you’d be comfortable reacting to your friends’ statuses with a reaction face that meant something along the lines of, “You’re an idiot”? You’re not ballsy enough to actually COMMENT on someone’s status that they’re an idiot or that you’d unfriend them if they weren’t related to you. Do you really think that these little faces will create enough of a disconnect for you to behave like an absolute fucking twat to people who are supposedly your FRIENDS? And even if they’re NOT really  your friends and you’re just friends with them on Facebook for other reasons, when is it EVER okay to behave like a complete douchebag to another human being just because you don’t like what they say? Do you want your friends to do this to you? Do you even CARE about ANY of the relationships in your life? There’s a piece of advice for first dates that I think is really useful. Watch how your date treats other people like your restaurant server or the person selling you your movie popcorn. If they’re willing to treat strangers like crap, they’re not a good catch. I don’t care how much money they have or how good looking they are. Do YOU want to be that shitty asshole of a date? Do YOU want people around you to see how you mistreat other human beings? I want to be better than that. Don’t you?

I’m not interested in any of the free PS Plus games for March.

There’s a new trailer for Dark Souls III. I’m looking forward to this game a lot. 🙂 It’s coming out right before my birthday. Present to myself!

Production I.G. is remaking FLCL. I don’t know that it needs a remake, to be honest. My guess is that they’re trying to get a new generation of fans into it. That anime was excellent. Even though I don’t think we need a remake, I’ll probably watch it anyway.

Did I mention that I forgot my Walkman at home today, too? At least I have Amazon Music, Google Music, and YouTube… /sigh

Hopefully I’ll get into a better mood tonight while playing games. 🙂 That always works.

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Sometimes life catches up to me and all I want to do is sleep. Yesterday I got home from work a little after 5 pm and I was out for the count by 6. I completely missed dinner and streaming, but I slept for almost 7 hours. When I got up at around 1 am, I was hungry, so I scrounged around the kitchen, found an energy bar, and ate that before trying to go back to sleep. I knew that Final Fantasy XIV was back up after maintenance, but I resisted going to my computer because I knew that if I sat down in front of that game, I wouldn’t go back to sleep at all. So I perused the full patch notes (OMG SO.MUCH.STUFF!) while lounging in my bed and played a stupid number of solitaire games. (I have a really weird obsession with and addiction to solitaire.) I finally went back to sleep at around 4:30 am, so when I had to get up at 6:30, I did NOT want to get out of bed. Ugh. Oh well. At least I can’t complain about not getting enough sleep, right?

Today’s Cool Game/Nerd Things:

Microsoft announced the March Games with Gold. For once, there’s actually more than one game I’d play! In fact, the only game I’m NOT interested in here is Supreme Commander 2 because that just isn’t my kind of game. I know the Sherlock Holmes game was given for free from PS Plus a while back, but I missed it, so I’m happy to get it here.

There is a sequel to Hentai Kamen coming out in Japan in May. Something is stealing the worlds’ panties and it’s up to this perverted superhero to save the day. I loved the first one; it was SO FUCKING FUNNY. Basically, this guy turns into a fishnet stocking clad superhero when he puts panties on his face. His special attacks utilize his exaggerated pelvic bulge. It is absolutely ridiculous. (The only crappy part about the first movie was that the last 1/3 or so was trying to be all serious and shit. It should have just stayed slapstick the whole way through, in my opinion.) And as so many people commented on Kotaku’s post about it… DAT ASS. 😀

There’s a really interesting article about using sound and music to possibly combat motion sickness in VR. As someone who has a very hard time playing games like first person shooters or any game that has a lot of sudden or exaggerated camera movements, I’m really intrigued by this stuff. I really want to play with VR, but I’m not sure I’ll be ABLE to.

Tonight on Twitch:

I’ll be getting a late start (~8 pm Hawaii time) because I have to go to my second job tonight, but unless the FFXIV servers go down for emergency maintenance, I will be streaming that. I’m dying to try out the new content in the new patch! Come by and say hi!

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Happy Lunar New Year!

2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey. What does this mean for us? Not a damned thing, but it’s fun to have yet another reason to celebrate! That reminds me… I need to find me some gau.

ANYWAY, there was a lot going on this weekend. Lunar New Year events and celebrations were in full swing here in addition to the Punahou Carnival and Superbowl Sunday. And don’t forget! Tomorrow is Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday! Of course, if you look at what I did over the weekend, you’d never realize that anything was going on… I was happily playing games in my cave/house and mostly ignoring the outside world.

Every Friday after work, we go wine tasting at a local wine store. We picked up a bottle of Sinister Hand. I forgot to take a picture, so here’s my friend’s Instagram post:

As a gamer, I HAD to buy the wine that had a severed hand on it! I mean, come on! (Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t also taste damned good.) It’s a red wine blend of Grenache, Mourvedre, and Syrah. (This combination is often referred to as a GSM.) The label has a cool story, too. Apparently, the family who makes this wine was involved in a feud with another family over some land, so they had a rowing contest. Who ever touched the land first would own the land. The family that now owns it was losing, so he CUT OFF HIS OWN HAND and hurled it to shore, thus touching the land first. The family still owns the land to this day, apparently. I always wonder about stories like this. How much is true and how much is embellished? It doesn’t honestly matter, though. Who doesn’t love a good story? That’s why I play video games, after all…


After wine tasting, we picked up a friend and headed over to board game night. We played Dixit for the first time. I was enjoying it, but I was starting to get a headache which was making me nauseous, so the abstract and creative thinking got to be too much for me. I felt bad, but we ended up leaving after one game. I love game nights. I went home, took a migraine pill, played one mission in Final Fantasy Explorers with my husband and zonked out super early. I guess my busy week caught up to me…

On Saturday, I was a good girl and did all our taxes. (I really need to teach my son how to do his own taxes…) As a reward for a job well done, I treated myself to an enameled cast iron cooking pot. Then we did our grocery shopping for the week. FINALLY, after dinner I got to play games! Sometimes I hate being a grownup, but then I remember that it’s because I’m a grownup that I can play whatever I want. So yeah, it’s all good.

Aside from Final Fantasy XIV, my current focus is on The Talos Principle. It’s a philosophical first person puzzle game. It’s made by Croteam, the developers of the Serious Sam games, which is kinda weird. I started playing this game the day my son left to go back to college. We played together, passing the controller back and forth, trying to figure out the puzzles. We played until we absolutely HAD to leave for the airport. And then on the way home, I got a text from him that said, “If I knew going through TSA was going to be so fast, I would have done a few more puzzles haha.” He loved it so much that he bought it as soon as he got back to school so he could play it himself. His roommates are all engineering students, so they had a blast playing it. When I spoke to him on the phone last night, he said, “Mom, make sure you let me know when you beat the game. Actually, I KNOW you’ll let me know because it’s one of those games you want to talk about when you’re done.”


You play as a robot and there is a God-like voice telling you about overcoming trials and having faith in order to have eternal life. He also says not to climb the tower because only death awaits you there. I wonder what would happen if you totally skip the tower. I wonder if you can finish the game. Hmm. The world you’re in is obviously a computer simulation, so “God” is probably also a computer, too. (I don’t know. I haven’t beaten the game yet.) There is another person you talk to through computer terminals and he asks some pretty tough questions. “What does it mean to be a person?” “Are you a person?” “How do you KNOW if you’re a person?” Existential philosophical questions. I love stuff like that. Philosophy was always one of my favorite subjects in college.


As you solve puzzles, you unlock more tools to solve harder puzzles. By completing puzzles, you figure out new ways to use the tools you have, which is crucial when you start working on the hardest puzzles in the game. You need to remember all the tricks from before to move forward. There are 3 worlds: A, B, and C. I’ve completely finished A, including the star levels. I’ve finished all of B except the star levels because I haven’t found enough stars to unlock that yet. So I’m currently working on world C. I also climb the tower whenever I unlock a new floor.


The game is beautiful. The soundtrack is soothing and the ambient noises from the environments make you feel like you’re in a virtual reality simulator or something. The environment even has visual and auditory glitches to remind you of where you are. I’m hoping to finish it this week. I should be able to unless the puzzles really stump me. Sometimes I have to give up and go back to them later. Thankfully, it’s pretty non-linear and you can work on whatever puzzles you want.


(Side note: I figured out how to get HD screenshots from my PS4! Woot!)

On Sunday, my husband watched the Superbowl on the XBOX One. That poor console hasn’t seen any action in MONTHS… While he did that, I had noise canceling headphones on while playing Final Fantasy XIV. I capped my gatherer’s red scrips and started working on making the collectibles for my crafter’s red scrips and ran a level 50 roulette with my niece to get some experience on dragoon. Once the football game was over, a bunch of us did the first part of Alexander normal because one of our FC members finally hit 60 and got his gear score high enough. /cheer Then we ran Derp Ark, I mean Void Ark. We wiped on the tentacle boss twice, but aside from that, it was pretty smooth. I’ve certainly experienced worse. I played more Talos Principle until bedtime. 🙂

Today in Game/Nerd News:

I haven’t bought a Japanese game in a long time since most things eventually come out here and in English. But I can pretty much guarantee that this will never hit US shores. I love Kamen Rider and I love the Dynasty Warriors style of gameplay. This is releasing in Japan on February 25th. It’s a celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Kamen Rider series. I NEED THIS. This video features the Riders from the shows between 2006 and 2009, but the game is supposed to have them all, or close to it, anyway. Looks like I can get the special edition for about $100 and the regular one for $60… I’m REALLY TEMPTED.

Opening Cinematic for Dark Souls III! I have the collector’s edition on preorder. Can’t wait for this game!

Someone did an Amnesia: The Dark Decent/Frozen mashup. I still haven’t played this game. I STARTED it, but I haven’t even seen the monster yet. I get scared and then turn off the game. I really want to play this because I love horror stories, but I have a hard time with movies and games. I can read horror books, though. I’ll do it eventually. Maybe I’ll stream it on Twitch and then people can laugh at me. Seriously, I’m the biggest chicken EVER. This video series is pretty awesome, though.

Tonight on Twitch:

I’m hoping to stream more of The Talos Principle. I have roulettes and stuff to do in Final Fantasy XIV, but I might try to get those done early so I can just focus on brain-bending puzzles and philosophical questions… Come by and say hi!

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Tanking the Floor

This weekend I worked on leveling my FFXIV Dragoon from 53 to 55. After being the only tank in my Free Company for a VERY LONG TIME, we now have an abundance of them. This is good because now I can finally work on other jobs. This is bad because I really don’t know how to do anything besides tank. Also, I REALLY want to get the 3rd tank job to 60 so I can get rid of all the excess tanking gear in my inventories. My niece is leveling Dark Knight (the last tank job I need to level), so while she levels that, I can level Dragoon. Hopefully she and I can get to 60 around the same time. Then I’ll switch to Dark Knight and get rid of all this redundant gear.


Speaking of gear… My Dragoon was still wearing almost exclusively level 50 gear, so I was doing abysmal damage. Amazingly, I hardly ever “tanked the floor.” (Dragoons are known for dying a lot. Our excuse is animation lock, but it’s mostly because they get stuck in stupid a lot. Too busy trying to be all badass maybe. I don’t know.) I picked up a couple pieces of gear, but since weapon damage is the most important stat for outgoing damage, it was still pretty horrible. So in between a couple of dungeon runs, I made myself a HQ crafted weapon, just to make things a bit better. I became a major fashion emergency because I wanted to level more than I cared about dealing with glamour:


After this, I glamoured my gear to look like my tank. When we were done running dungeons for the evening, I remembered that I’ve been hoarding Dragoon gear ever since Heavensward came out. I thought, “I must have SOMETHING better than what I’ve got on…” Yep, I had almost a full set of gear from the Aery. And a way better weapon. I’m a little annoyed that I went through the trouble of making a HQ crafted weapon when I had a nice dungeon one sitting quietly in my retainer. Oh well. That’s what I get for being a space case. At least I look a lot better now:


Video Game News I Care About:


They released details about the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV. There’s a huge list of stuff, but here’s the stuff that matters to ME:

  • Changes to Allagan Tomestones
  • The Orchestrion
  • LOTS and LOTS of new crafting recipes (that I probably don’t have high enough stats to make yet)
  • They’re changing Paladin. A lot, apparently. But I have no idea how.
  • They’re nerfing Strength to Enmity, so tanks should go Vitality
  • Cockroach people (I mean Gnath) beastman dailies
  • 2 new dungeons, Alexander Midas, and the beginning of the Warring Triad
  • The Mentor System
  • Being able to queue for Leveling, Trial, and Guildhest roulettes in a group
  • Being able to vendor junk from a retainer directly

There’s a patch for the PC version of Fallout 4. I really need to get back to that game. I started over three times because I suck at guns…

As always, Japan gets all the cool shit. I’m really excited for Dark Souls III even though I haven’t finished II yet. Or Bloodborne. When I took my son to Japan several years ago, Men’s 109 was one of his favorite stores even though it was almost impossible to find anything that fit him. Like his father, my son is a very stocky guy. Cool Japanese men’s fashion is designed for thin men. I remember hoping that he would get my build, but given that he was an entire pound larger at birth than expected, I suppose it makes sense that he’s a big guy.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. No, I don’t care that it’s a sausage-fest. Yes, I am a total fangirl and I don’t care. Yes, I think those guys are hot. My favorite is probably a toss up between the nerdy looking one (Ignis) and the guy with all the tattoos (Gladiolus). I’m totally squee-ing over here… 😛

On a more serious note, I’m actually really impressed with the combat changes. Square Enix actually took the feedback from the demo and incorporated it into the current system. This makes me wonder, though… Are they JUST trying to please fans? Or are they actually attempting to create a fun and unique experience? I hope it’s the latter, but given the fact that SE is still a business out to make money, I can’t help but be skeptical.

This is available on Steam Early Access. DO WANT.

Plans for Twitch Tonight:

I need to cap my Esoterics in FFXIV before reset, so I’ll probably run roulette. Aside from that, though, I REALLY want to play more Talos Principle. Come join me and laugh at how dumb I am… 😉 I’m hoping to stream from about 9pm PST to 11pm PST.

I might hop back on at midnight since the Valentione event starts tonight in FFXIV. I see a lot of cheesy screenshot opportunities with my poor husband.


He really is such a good sport! LOL

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