I’m warning you now. This is going to be a rant-y post.

Yesterday marked the release of a highly anticipated content patch in Final Fantasy XIV Online. Patch 3.2 adds more story quests, more side quests, 2 new dungeons, a new 8 man raid and its savage (hardcore) version, a new trial and its extreme version, a shit ton of new gear and crafting recipes, the mentor system, a new pvp arena, a newbie training hall, various quality of life improvements, and more. Seriously, this patch is HUGE.

So far I’ve been able to enjoy this new content for exactly ONE HOUR last night before the server went down for emergency maintenance. And the server is going to be down AGAIN tonight for 5 hours during MY prime time. Servers will be back online JUST IN TIME for Japan’s prime time. This is one of the things I HATE about living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We always get screwed on maintenance days. This used to happen ALL THE TIME when I played World of Warcraft.

To be honest, I expected server problems. When a patch is THIS big, it’s bound to have major problems. It happens every time. I’m still really salty, though. Other members in my Free Company have had the opportunity to try out all kinds of new shit. I barely got started on the main story quests because it took me a minute just to get my bearings and figure out what the hell I should be doing first.

Tonight I should have enough time to play for about an hour and a half if I get my ass home from work as quickly as possible. Then I’ll eat dinner and stream Bloodborne on my Twitch channel.

Today’s News:

Facebook added new reactions in addition to the “Like” button. I’m actually pretty okay with that. Sometimes I want to like something multiple times just because I love it so much. Or sometimes things make me sad or angry. Being able to express that is nice. But here’s the thing that’s pissing me off. People keep making comments about the fact that they’re missing certain reactions that would be really useful. The Oatmeal has a great Facebook post about it. (Sorry, I can’t figure out how to link to a specific picture post.) Don’t get me wrong. I laughed. I know it’s a joke. And part of me agrees, but too many offhand comments saying the same thing indicates to me that people kind of want these other faces.

What makes you think that you’d be comfortable reacting to your friends’ statuses with a reaction face that meant something along the lines of, “You’re an idiot”? You’re not ballsy enough to actually COMMENT on someone’s status that they’re an idiot or that you’d unfriend them if they weren’t related to you. Do you really think that these little faces will create enough of a disconnect for you to behave like an absolute fucking twat to people who are supposedly your FRIENDS? And even if they’re NOT really  your friends and you’re just friends with them on Facebook for other reasons, when is it EVER okay to behave like a complete douchebag to another human being just because you don’t like what they say? Do you want your friends to do this to you? Do you even CARE about ANY of the relationships in your life? There’s a piece of advice for first dates that I think is really useful. Watch how your date treats other people like your restaurant server or the person selling you your movie popcorn. If they’re willing to treat strangers like crap, they’re not a good catch. I don’t care how much money they have or how good looking they are. Do YOU want to be that shitty asshole of a date? Do YOU want people around you to see how you mistreat other human beings? I want to be better than that. Don’t you?

I’m not interested in any of the free PS Plus games for March.

There’s a new trailer for Dark Souls III. I’m looking forward to this game a lot. 🙂 It’s coming out right before my birthday. Present to myself!

Production I.G. is remaking FLCL. I don’t know that it needs a remake, to be honest. My guess is that they’re trying to get a new generation of fans into it. That anime was excellent. Even though I don’t think we need a remake, I’ll probably watch it anyway.

Did I mention that I forgot my Walkman at home today, too? At least I have Amazon Music, Google Music, and YouTube… /sigh

Hopefully I’ll get into a better mood tonight while playing games. 🙂 That always works.

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