It was so fun to be back! And I’m so happy some of you came by and visited even though I’ve been away for a REALLY long time.

Thank you! You don’t know how much I appreciated that! You guys are awesome! ❀

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Week Ending 1/7/17 – FAIL!

Okay, so I haven’t been successful at any of my goals yet. I feel like I’m still working out the residual crap from the previous year, so I haven’t made nearly as much progress in FFXIV as I’d have liked and I haven’t even TOUCHED any of my non-MMO games. >_<

It’s not all bad, though! I just have one more final exam to go and I’ll be caught up on last term. Just in time for next term, which starts tomorrow… XD Again, I’ll be taking one MBA class (Managerial Finance this time) and (hopefully) two independent study classes (to catch up since I don’t actually have an accounting degree). There is a chance that I’ll have to do one of the undergraduate accounting classes on campus during the day, which kind of sucks, but meh, whatever.

I’m totally going to make excuses now. Half of my office has been sick the last couple of weeks and I think I was fighting off their germs. For two or three days I felt mildly feverish and really worn down. So I spent most of the weekend in bed, either sleeping or reading a book. I realized that not having a gaming system in the bedroom is torture, so we moved one of the PS4’s into the bedroom. My husband really indulges me! ❀

So hopefully, now that I can game in bed, I’ll have an easier time playing for 1 hour a day.

I’m hoping to start streaming again next week, just in time for FFXIV’s patch 3.5 part 1. Come join me!


Back from Vacation!

My vacation was AWESOME! At some point, I’ll share some highlights, but for now, I just want to let you know what I’ve updated my Twitch streaming schedule.

I also want to share this silly video:

My husband and I are bouncing around in a bouncy castle with boobies. My sister was taking the video. This was absolutely silly and super fun! And tiring…

Hope to see you on Twitch!

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A Comfort Game

I have a lot on my mind right now and I need the gaming equivalent of a comfort food. I’m going to call that a Comfort Game even though that sounds weird. While I’m tempted to play a game that I’ve played already and I know I love, I also want to try and attack my backlog list. So I think I’m going to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix. Technically, I’ve beaten Kingdom Hearts, but not Final Mix, Re: Chain of Memories, or 358/2 Days. On top of that, Disney is one of my favorite things in the universe. It’s up there with Star Trek and video games. I really need something that will take me to a happy place and to me Disneyland really IS the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Disney + Final Fantasy = LOVE. ❀

I will continue to play Final Fantasy XIV Online every evening, as well, so that I can cap my tomestones and red scrips.. But I need something to make me smile. This should do the trick. πŸ™‚

I’ll be back to a regular streaming schedule tomorrow. I’ve missed it this past week and I look forward to hanging out.

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I can’t think of a title for today’s post… Probably because I didn’t really game last night and there’s no earth-shattering game news today. My husband and I went on a spontaneous date last night and tried out a new restaurant at Ala Moana Shopping Center called Cafe Lani. They have all-you-can-eat bread, which sounds like a bad idea (and it IS in a way), but it’s so delicious, who cares? When we got home, I was so tired and full that I played Okage: Shadow King on my PS4 for about a half hour before going to sleep.

So Nintendo is saying that they’re NOT halting production on the WiiU by the end of the year. Whatever. Honestly, I just wish Nintendo would say SOMETHING. Is the NX going to be backwards compatible? What is it? When is the target launch? Gamers like to plan ahead, you know? Yes, I know I’m being an entitled brat.

Microsoft has added Dark Souls and Tekken Tournament 2 to the XBOX One backwards compatibility list. WHERE THE FUCK IS SKYRIM? To be fair, though, I bought a capture device specifically so that I could stream ALL my consoles to Twitch, so I don’t really NEED it…

That’s it for game news that I care about. Slow news day… I’m heading to my parents’ house for dinner with my sister tonight, so no stream tonight.

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Good Intentions

After my lack of sleep on Tuesday night, I had EVERY INTENTION of going to bed at a decent hour. I was going to start my stream an hour early so I could end it an hour early and go to bed. Did that happen?


Since I just had to spend a few Eorzean day cycles to cap my red gatherer’s scrips, I had EVERY INTENTION of capping and then logging off to play more of The Talos Principle. Did THAT happen?


At a certain point in the evening, I realized that I wasn’t going to stream at all. 😦 So instead I decided that I would spend the majority of my evening playing Final Fantasy Explorers. How about that? Did THAT happen?


Man, even when I end up changing my plans, I don’t follow through… Sheesh, I’ve got (first world) problems.

So what DID I do last night?

I had to work late, so I stopped and got a bento for dinner. I absolutely REFUSE to cook if I have to spend more than an extra half hour at the office. (I stayed for almost an hour and a half.) On the way to the mall, I saw a vanity license plate that amused me: H8MYEX.

When I got home, I opened up my box of FF Explorers and ate my dinner with a glass of wine, a nice Riesling called For A Song. At this point, I was feeling exhausted and I had a stomachache. (I ate way too fast.) However, I realized that I still needed to cap my red gatherer’s scrips in FFXIV, so I hopped on and started working on that. It was at this point that I decided not to stream. My stomach was really sore and the thought of smiling and talking to people just turned me off.

There was some guild/FC drama discussed in chat about why our static broke up. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling well and I really didn’t want to deal with it. Pretty sure I made some snarky remark to someone that I shouldn’t have, but hey, I’m human, too, dammit. The static thing is water under the bridge already anyway. I’m planning on making a new one.

So my niece’s friend invited all of us into his Teamspeak channel to hang out. I was still working on gathering when discussions began about doing Derp Ark (Void Ark). I finished capping and we did Void Ark. There were 14 of us, I think, so we split into 2 groups and queued at the same time. Sadly, we didn’t queue into the same instance. I got my upgrade item, upgraded my ring, and went back to the house to meld materia onto Mirra’s gear. We were overmelding, so a lot of materia was lost. So painful.

By the time I was done with all of that, it was 10:30 PM. So I left my computer, took my 3DS to bed with me, and played a little FF Explorers. I only got through the tutorial missions before I passed out. I was SO TIRED.


Apparently, I was so tired that I forgot to log out of the game! My friends posted on FB that I was afk in front of our house and I was like, really? No wonder I didn’t remember saying goodnight to everyone when I left. I never logged out! LOL (I’m the giantess standing behind one of my FC mates in the pic above…)

Today’s Interesting (to me) Game News:

New jobs trailer for Bravely Second. I’m really amused by the Patissier and the Catmancer. has a new Games in Development thing that’s similar to Steam’s Greenlight. I generally don’t buy early access stuff, but this is still pretty cool.

Funcom is making an open world survival game in the Conan universe called Conan Exiles. I’m not a fan of survival games, but Conan is one of my favorite characters. I tend to enjoy playing characters like him. Big, strong, brutal… Very Hulk-Smash. Anyone who knows me can tell you, that’s my favorite style of gaming character to play: large, muscular men with very large swords and axes that just smash everything and everyone to bits. Anger issues? Maybe a little… πŸ˜‰

Breath of Fire III and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are coming to the modern consoles. BoF III has the best fishing mini game ever. That game is so good. FFTA… well, I hate tactics games, in general, and I didn’t like this one. But among people who enjoy the genre, this is considered a classic.

Other Nerdy Things:

DC Comics is doing some really weird shit to Scooby-Doo and the gang…

There’s a Game Developer Barbie. To me, this outfit and setup makes it look like game development is more of a hobby than a career, but that’s just me being nitpicky. Although I still hate Barbie (and probably always will), I have to appreciate Mattel’sΒ attempts to join the 21st fucking century with regard to the representation of women.

Tonight on Twitch:

I have no idea. I’m still so tired that I kind of just want to go home after work and sleep. As I’m hurriedly typing this out on my lunch break, I’m thinking I should play Talos Principle. Or maybe I’ll just break down and buy The Witness already. But I’ve also got goals in FFXIV that I haven’t met yet. And I want to play more FF Explorers. Hopefully my husband has started so we can quest together…

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