A Quick Update


I’m really having a rough time finding a balance between work, school, and my free time. Honestly, I think the problem is that I don’t really have any free time right now. However, my video games and my Twitch channel are really important to me, so I’m determined to MAKE time for them. I am going to have to start small, so for now, I’m going to commit to streaming once a week. I’ve updated my schedule page to reflect this. I’ve put “Maybe?” on Sundays because I’d really like to do more, but I can’t promise anything right now.

Between work, school, and the state of this country, I always feel so exhausted. It should come as no surprise that since I’m a non-white feminist, I am absolutely disgusted with the goings-on in the White House right now. So I need my virtual worlds where my actions affect the outcomes because I sure as hell feel pretty damned helpless right now.

Tonight I’ll be playing FFXIV. The Mhachi raids are on the agenda and anything else I can fit in before I have to go to sleep. I finally got MNK to 60, so now I’m working on SMN/SCH. My goal is to have everything at 60 by the time the Stormblood expansion releases. I’m at 16/23, so we’ll see how that goes…


Gaming Goals – August 2016

There aren’t enough hours in the day! Ever since I created my Twitch channel, I’ve had to actually SCHEDULE my gaming, which has really helped me accomplish things. However, exciting new titles keep releasing and I keep failing to resist buying them! So I’m using a to do list app to help me accomplish my goals. (I’m also using it to build some better habits like exercising every day because I’m a total slob.)

I just started using it yesterday, so I’ve only added a couple of items. The fastest way to fail at something is to try and accomplish too many things at once. If you’ve ever watched me play video games, you know that I can get overwhelmed VERY easily, which causes me to lose track of what I’m doing. Then I feel stressed out and I give up.

One of the things I’ve found that helps me tackle a large stack of work when I’m at the office is breaking down my tasks into manageable chunks and listing them out. So I thought I should make a monthly list of gaming things I want to accomplish:

  • finish Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • complete the Slayer challenge in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Season 7
  • obtain the 4 pieces of i700 gear avaiable from the World of Warcraft Legion invasion event
  • obtain 4 Yokai Watch weapons in Final Fantasy XIV
  • make progress on i240 Anima Weapon upgrade in Final Fantasy XIV
  • start playing a new game

The last two items aren’t very measurable, so I need to figure out more specific goals. I also have to figure out what new game to play… Star Ocean V, I Am Setsuna, No Man’s Sky, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE… I can’t decide!



Since Season 7 started in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls last week Friday, I decided that I wanted to check it out. I have never really participated in a season before and it seemed like a fun way to revisit Diablo III’s content without just doing more story mode. I get bored in Diablo III very easily unless I’m playing with friends, so I’m playing with Snape and Mirra, of course. We do everything together, after all! Since we have room for a 4th player, we’ve had the opportunity to play with a few of my friends on Twitch as well as with my son.

Due to timezone differences and his busy schedule as a college student, it has been extremely difficult to coordinate a time and place to game together. The last time we played games together was in 2013 when Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn released! That was three years ago! Our relationship has always involved playing video games together, whether it was some kind of actual multiplayer game or me watching (and putting in my two cents) while he played a single player title.

I’ve really missed gaming with him. Parenting is tough, but I’ve found that the thing that is hardest for me is letting him go. He graduated from college earlier this year and is working toward truly becoming independent. Words can’t express how proud I am of him, but at the same time there’s a part of me that wants him to stay with me forever…

I consider myself to be EXTREMELY lucky that he and I share a love of video games. This makes it a cinch to stay connected even though he’s on his own some 5000 miles away from me. A lot of parents don’t have this kind of connection with their kids, so when they leave the nest, the parents feel even more lonely. Empty nest syndrome is definitely a thing. Luckily for me, I used his leaving as a chance to play more games so I didn’t have that lack-of-purpose feeling that so many parents experience. Still, I missed sharing these games with him. Over the last four years, video game discussions dominated the weekly phone calls but we almost never played together.

So when Season 7 started, I told him that we were making characters and that he should join us. He had never done a Diablo III season, either, although he used to be way more hardcore than me in Diablo III. So earlier this week, we powerleveled him to 70. Then he played on his own a bit and got some awesome gear and some Paragon levels. So last night he helped powerlevel us through Chapters 3 and 4 of the season challenge. So now we’re all working on the Slayer challenge.

While he was blitzing through Bounties as we ran Rifts to get Greater Rift Keys, he came across a treasure goblin. When he killed it, it left behind a portal to a place called the Vault. (“Sickness must be purged!” Oh wait, wrong Vault…lol) He said that we had to stop whatever we were doing to come down to where he was at, so we teleported to him, entered the portal, and found the treasure goblin’s lair! There was gold EVERYWHERE!


You could see random goblins walking along pathways as they went about their business. There were also goblins to kill as we walked along the upper walkway.


After picking up literally MILLIONS of gold (maybe around 8-9M), we came to a very shiny golden door. We opened it and faced off against a boss. We were playing on a low difficulty (Torment II) level in order to spam rifts, so it died really fast and I missed getting a screenshot.


It left behind a giant golden treasure chest sitting in a pool of blood. It spouted out some legendary items, set pieces, gems, and a lot more gold.


You can see the dead boss body inside the chest after you open it. If you click on the chest, it makes a loud chomping noise accompanied with an animation that looks like the chest is eating the boss. Kind of like a mimic. It’s pretty funny. We stood there for awhile just playing with that.


My goal for tonight is to work on the World of Warcraft Legion invasion events. There are four pieces of i700 gear. Once I get these pieces, my gear will be sufficiently high for Legion when it releases on August 30th. It’s not like I do hardcore raid content in WoW or anything. I generally don’t even do 5-man dungeons. Just the solo content. And whatever quest rewards you get from those always replace the previous expansion’s epics immediately anyway. So come by my Twitch channel after 7 PM Hawaii time and say hi!

Also, don’t forget to Like my page on Facebook to keep up with any game news that I think is exciting!

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Still Figuring Things Out

I apologize for the radio silence lately. I’m still trying to come up with a good plan for coordinating my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, and Twitch. When I decided to start streaming video games on Twitch, I honestly didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I do! So I’m motivated to actually create a community for my channel, even if it’s really small and to do that, I need to be more coordinated and organized.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV:


I got the Calofisteri minion from the last boss of The Weeping City of Mhach. She’s so adorable and she juggles her little green balls periodically. I love minions in this game. I’m still having trouble with that last boss, though. I need to see if I can find better explanations of her attacks. All the other bosses in this raid are easy provided that everyone knows and follows mechanics.


My husband made the Mhachi Coffin for the house. You can sleep in it and close the lid. It’s currently in the center of the grand stairwell surrounded by vases with black roses. The music we have playing in the house is from The Tam-Tara Deepcroft. We’re trying to make a haunted house, I think.


Speaking of our house, we finally finished the exterior. It’s the Large Arms Supplier’s Wall and we dyed it purple. It took a LOT of materials to build, although it wasn’t particularly difficult. Just time consuming. Harvesting hundreds and hundreds of pieces of ore and wood gets tiresome!


I forgot to take a picture of our whole yard. Mirra did an awesome job making it beautiful. Here’s a shot of me napping in the rain on the Oriental Bench, which we jokingly call the Oriental Bus Stop. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the whole yard tonight and share it in a future post. I really like how serene and inviting the outside of our house looks. Then when you go inside, it’s haunted! Hah!


I’m making friends! The first image shows Mirra and I waiting with our new friend, Alte, for Snape after he disconnected during a thunderstorm. The second is of me sitting with Mor while Snape looks on… Wonder if he’s jealous? Haha! Mor is so cute! ^_^ You can kinda see how our yard is set up from this picture, but I still plan on taking a shot of the whole thing.


The Yo-Kai Watch collaboration started this week! It is REALLY grindy and annoying, but I want them ALL. All the minions. All the weapons. Thankfully, the event is going on until October 3rd. If I had to cram all this FATE farming into two weeks, I think I’d lose my fucking marbles. Some people are already done with it, of course.




So far I’ve only gotten one of the weapons. There’s a weapon for each job. So bright and colorful! I love it!

Tonight on Twitch I’m hoping to do more Palace of the Dead and FATE grinding for Yo-Kai weapons. Come by and say hello!

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It’s a New Month!

I have been quite remiss in posting lately and for that, I apologize. Balancing my daytime office job and my entertaining on Twitch in the evenings takes a lot more work than I sometimes realize. Unlike some Twitch streamers, while I DO consider h4tsum1 to be a persona, I don’t really act too differently on Twitch than I do in real life. h4tsum1 isn’t as shy as I am, though, and keeping that up takes a lot of work, so it tires me out. When you combine that with trying to readjust my internal clock after spending two weeks on the east coast, catching up at work, and dealing with the stress of an increased workload with a decrease in pay, some things get pushed to the side. In this case, I took a night off from streaming last night and I haven’t been posting on my blog AT ALL.

BUT! I really don’t want to sound like I’m complaining… Life is good!


nico grad

My son graduated from college with a BFA in Art Video from Syracuse University. I am SO VERY proud of him! ❤ He is staying in NYC with my sister to find a job in media. There aren’t really any good opportunities for that kind of work in Hawaii, so I encouraged him to stay on the mainland.

#winetasting a couple days ago 😅

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We did a LOT of wine tasting in the Finger Lakes area. I think I bought eight or nine bottles. I had 3 shipped home, packed 2 in my suitcase, and drank the rest while we were in NYC.

nico train

We rode on trains! (From NYC to Syracuse and then back to NYC.) I love love love trains! We don’t really have any on Oahu. There’s one that operates as a tourist attraction every Sunday and I heard that they’re going to be shutting it down. 😦 That reminds me… I should stream Train Simulator sometime. If you need to fall asleep, I’m thinking watching me play that game would be perfect! LOL

There are #arcade machines everywhere! 😁 And #beer #barcade #barcadebrooklyn

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I FINALLY got to check out Barcade in Brooklyn! I’ve been wanting to go there ever since I first heard about it years ago! It was so awesome! I played Frogger and Tapper. I still suck at them. Hehe.

nintendo store

OF COURSE, we went to the newly renovated Nintendo Store in NYC.

tanking shield

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My husband was particularly fond of the armor and weapon section. He took a picture of me with this tanking shield because I’m a tank. 😉

failgoon gear

He also took a bunch of pictures of the failgoon gear. 😀


We rode on the Seaglass Carousel. The fishies light up. So cute and fun. Also, remind me to scold my husband for taking so many pictures with the phone up instead of sideways. OMG LOL

We did a bunch of other things that I either don’t have pictures for or just don’t feel like posting. We spent a lot of time with my baby sister and my younger sister and her family. We went to the Museum of Natural History and watched the presentation about Dark Matter at the Hayden Planetarium. (I got motion sick in there, though, so I had to close my eyes a lot.) We went to the top of Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) for gorgeous views of NYC. We ate ridiculous amounts of food. (PS – If you’re ever in NYC, I highly recommend Ravagh Persian Grill if you want to try excellent Persian food. If you want to try good Polish food, our Polish friend from Poland recommended a place in Brooklyn called Karczma. It was delish! Try the tripe soup. The tripe just melts in your mouth…) We wandered around Times Square on a Friday night. We wandered along the High Line. We went to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. Oh! I should post some of the silly advertisements that were in the old subway cars. So much Cold War propaganda and weird ass nutrition advice.


I really didn’t want to come home. New York City is such an amazing town! Things stay open late and you can travel anywhere in the city via one of the most amazing transit systems in the country. This trip reminded me how badly I want to live on the mainland and it definitely lit a fire under my ass to work toward our goal for moving to the mainland by 2020.


I applied to graduate school! My original plan was to go for my Master of Accountancy (MAcc), but then my boss told me about an MBA program with an Accounting focus. With either degree, I could take the CPA exam, but with the MBA, I’d also have the business management training to qualify me for management positions, thus increasing my earning potential. (We’re talking two to three TIMES my current salary.) If I’m accepted, I would have class two or three nights a week, so my Twitch schedule will have to be lighter. This bums me out a little, but the end result will be worth it. 😉 I’ll keep you guys posted on what’s going on.


Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 3.3 is releasing on June 7th. With this upcoming patch, they’re adding more housing wards and normalizing the plot prices, so I’m frantically trying to save up enough money to buy our Free Company a mansion. Between the three of us that regularly play, we have to come up with a minimum of 40 million gil, so that’s all I’ve been working on since I got back from my vacation. I’m honestly not sure if we’re going to succeed, but we’re trying really hard. Cross your fingers!

I’m slowly making progress in Bravely Second: End Layer. I really wish I had more time to play handheld games. This game is really fun. I’m enjoying the challenge since I can’t just button mash. I actually have to plan and strategize.

Finally playing this game 😍 #khux #kingdomhearts

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My son got me into playing that Kingdom Hearts Unchained phone game. I haven’t gotten very far, but it’s surprisingly good for a phone game. The best part is that it’s long-fingernail-friendly. Honestly, that’s one of the major reasons why I generally don’t play phone games. And no, I’m not going to carry around a fucking stylus JUST so I can play games… Give me a break!

Like ALMOST everyone else who plays games, I picked up Overwatch. I played through the pathetically shitty tutorial (seriously, why did they even bother?) and played one game against AI. I wanted to play a tank class, but the game said there were too many, so I had to play a support class. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK I WAS DOING AND IT WAS HORRIBLE. People were running all over the place and I couldn’t figure out what was going on most of the time. I just ran after my teammates and cast heals on them. Did I get any commendations? Of course, not. It was painfully obvious that I had no idea what I was doing, but there was absolutely no opportunity for me to really understand what my abilities did. And yes, I know there’s that place where you can try different classes, but the game didn’t let me pick the classes that I had previously tried! So I was stuck playing a class that I hadn’t looked at before and was just running around like a chicken with no head. FUCK THAT. I’m pretty sure I’d have had fun if I got to play Tank or Offense (since I had tried those), but being forced to play Support and then not understanding what was going on left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Of course, now that I’ve TRIED support, I liked what it brought to the table, so I may try that again. However, as someone who does NOT play team shooters AT ALL, I really wanted to start out with something with a lower learning curve… So UNLIKE almost everyone else playing Overwatch, I do NOT have Overwatch fever. In fact, I don’t understand why everyone is so addicted to it. After that one game, I was so stressed out that I just left my computer and went to bed!

I have to say, though… This Overwatch Collector’s Edition is pretty spiffy!

Tonight on Twitch, it will be more of me trying to make money in FFXIV, so it won’t be very exciting. Still, I enjoy hanging out and chatting, so come by and say hi!

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Twitch Schedule Update

For those of you that hang out in my Twitch channel regularly, you know that I’m going on vacation to my son’s college graduation in New York. I don’t actually leave until Wednesday afternoon, but I’m really not sure if I’m going to be able to stream at all tonight or tomorrow night. There’s just too much I need to take care of before we leave. 😦

I’ve updated my Twitch schedule page to reflect this.

I fly back to Hawaii on the 23rd and am hoping to resume streaming on the 24th. HOWEVER, jet lag can be a real bitch, so I may need a day or two to recuperate. We’ll see. I will miss you guys while I’m gone, but I’ll be having a blast on vacation. Looking forward to hanging out on stream when I get back!

Here’s a goofy screenshot of my husband surrounded by a little harem of bikini-clad ladies:


He’s such a good sport! 😀


It’s Good to Be Back

I streamed Final Fantasy XIV and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix on my Twitch channel last night. I really missed chatting with my friends on Twitch. I don’t have a lot of viewers, but the ones I have are fun to talk to and I really enjoy hanging out with them. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to talk about video games in my current every day environment. My desire to talk about games with other gamers is what inspired me to stream on Twitch in the first place.

I went back to my old metal underwear glamour in FFXIV. It’s so much easier to match my outfit when I’m wearing so little. The trickiest part was finding shoes to match…


Today in Game/Nerd News:

One of two new ads leaked for Final Fantasy XV. Yoshitaka Amano art in 3D OMG! ❤ There’s an announcement event tonight at 4 PM Hawaii time, so you better believe I’ll be watching.

Here’s the second, which shows a new demo coming. My friend told me that apparently, you need to beat this demo to get a certain summon in the final release of the game. No way to get it otherwise. Nifty!

April is coming up, so here are the free games you can get with XBOX Live Gold and PS+. Microsoft is definitely better this month, I think, although as usual, I will get them all just to have them:

  • Sunset Overdrive (One)
  • The Wolf Among Us (One)
  • Dead Space (360)
  • Saints Row 4 (360)
  • Dead Star (PS4)
  • Zombi (PS4)
  • I Am Alive (PS3)
  • Savage Moon (PS3)
  • A Virus Named Tom (Vita)
  • Shutshimi (Vita)

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is releasing on June 28th and there’s a Day One Edition. I’m excited!

Tonight on Twitch:

Again I’m going to start with Final Fantasy XIV and then move on to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. I’m going to move some stuff around on my desk so that I can place my microphone further away from the television. Dialog in KH was being picked up by the mic, which is probably annoying. I can’t hear it, but my viewers can. I’ve also decided to have a guide up on my other computer monitor while I play KH because while I don’t feel the need to 100% it, I want to get as much stuff as I can. There’s also a chance that I may play the new Final Fantasy XV demo that is rumored to be available later today. We’ll see…

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New Mom Cave & Moogle House!


So remember when I said I was rearranging things? I’m done! I now have everything within arm’s reach and I can more easily stream everything I want. It’s like I have my own little command center or something. I’m so lucky my husband let me take the TV and the consoles from the living room. He really indulges me. ❤ Luckiest woman alive. Seriously.


After months of work leveling and gearing up, we finally completed our moogle house. I am so happy. There are only three active crafters in our Free Company: my husband, my friend, and myself. When we started working on this, none of us had a single craft at level 60, let alone 60 with gear high enough to even make some of the ingredients. So over the past few months we’ve been plodding our way, leveling up, gearing up, learning rotations, etc. So worth it.


Here we are in front of our house, basking in satisfaction! Now we’re working on making better parts for our three airships… Need to unlock Sector 24 and get that Zu mount!

It was a weekend of accomplishments. A bunch of us finally got our Bismark Extreme clears. Having better gear certainly helped. And we got The Echo (10% stat increase). My Twitch viewers were cheering us on, so even when I was getting frustrated from dying over and over again, I kept going.

My other big accomplishment over the weekend was clearing A7 Normal or Alexander Midas: The Arm of the Son on Normal difficulty. Yes, I realize this content is considered “easy” and yes, I know I’m late to the party, but I HAD FUN. 😀 One of my biggest frustrations with being an older gamer is that sometimes I learn things more slowly than younger players. Not all of this is because of age. Some of it is because up until the last few years, ALL my gaming experience was slow paced or menu-based battles. Virtual dice rolls were responsible for determining whether or not I got hit by an attack and NOT my ability to run out of ground telegraphs in time.

Of our group of 8, five of us were from my Free Company. Knowing that we tend to need extra time to learn things, we chose to recruit members using the Party Finder instead of having the game randomly assign players to our group. We explained that we were learning and that wipes would happen so people knew what they were getting into by joining our party. I have to say that I love my server. (I’m on Cactuar, also known as Bestuar.) Every time we’ve recruited people to help us learn content, they have been amazingly helpful, patient, and just awesome.

It took us about two and half hours of trying over and over to finally get it. We had to replace our last dps twice. Once because they had to go and once because they disconnected. I was also streaming our adventures on Twitch and having a little cheering section there was great, too! I don’t have a lot of viewers, but the ones I have are so supportive.


I’m pretty sure this guy’s green subligar was our good luck charm. (My husband took this shot of all the women in our party surrounding the naked Hyur.) After he joined, we cleared real quick! Never underestimate the power of a near naked man to motivate me! LOL I’m so bad.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

Microsoft has a new “cross network” initiative which will allow XBOX players to be able to play with other consoles. Of course, the game has to support it, but this is big news. Honestly, it doesn’t affect ME too much since I always have all the consoles, but for people who only have one console in their house (instead of 5!), this could make multiplayer an even better experience. To be completely honest, I often wish that all games were available on all platforms. I’m getting sick of having so many little machines. When I was moving all my consoles to another part of the house this weekend, I had cables and whatnot coming out of my ears!

There’s an English name and release window for Project Setsuna. It’s called I Am Setsuna and it is scheduled for digital release on PS4 and PC in the summer. I’m quite disappointed that it’s not releasing on the Vita here, though. I love my Vita as a JRPG machine. Oh well. By playing it on the PS4, I’ll be able to stream it on Twitch, so that’s good. Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of ALL TIME, so anything inspired by that has GOT to be good. And while people like to hate on Square Enix, I feel that lately they’re getting back in touch with their consumers and making GOOD GAMES. So I’m really looking forward to this.

Holy shit! Yes, please. I never played the original, but this looks REALLY COOL!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard about the fight between Apple and the FBI. John Oliver does a fantastic job of explaining why you and everyone else should care about this.

Tonight on Twitch:

I’m hoping to actually work on some game backlog tonight with Fallout 4. Since the DLC is releasing next week, I feel like I should get on this. However, I’ve got stuff I need/want to do in Final Fantasy XIV, so I’ll be working on that first. Since Daylight Savings Time started, the non-Hawaii members of my Free Company are now an extra hour ahead of me, so if I want to be able to group up and get shit done with them on the weekdays, I need to log on as early as possible. So my plan is to play FFXIV for a couple of hours, take a dinner break, and then play Fallour 4 for a couple of hours. If I’m not falling asleep, I may log back onto FFXIV and stream the Hatching-tide event. We’ll see… That might have to wait until tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME? Why do we still even DO that?! Ugh. Coordinating with my FC is harder! Chatting with my son is harder! QQ

Anyway… Come by and say hi! 🙂

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